We are a family firm built on years of experience of managing properties in central London and the associated costs of building, renovation, and decoration. We offer a comprehensive service from complex building projects to simple refurbishment and maintenance. Our work is of the highest standard and clients find us a pleasure to deal with.

Born out of 30 years experience as expatriate landlords of Central London property, we understand how to capture the investment potential offered by the Central London residential property market. It is this expertise, as owners and landlords in London, that clients value and sets Wellington apart. Our process is fully integrated allowing us to work with the client on purchasing, refurbishing, managing and the disposal of a property. Our aim: to fully realise the investment potential of a property for the client.

We advise overseas and expatriate real estate investors looking to acquire investment properties in Central London, as well as providing property management, maintenance, building and refurbishment services to clients in London.

The purchase of a property is often the largest single investment an individual will make and professional advice and first-class maintenance directly impacts its future value. However, from experience we understand how, without the correct advice, owners and landlords can continually fail to fully exploit the investment potential of a property. Poor advice and knowledge can lead to expensive mistakes.

We also offer a fully comprehensive building and decorating service. Please click on the Building and Decorating tab to see our extensive work.


Robert Allison, Managing Director